Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trip to the Lou: The Food!

Funny pic of my mom.
She had already cut up the Duck, darn it. 
My mom saved this bottle just for me... I wonder why? ;)

 Home Cooked Meals: My favorites!
-Duck with mashed potatoes and green beans with bread crumbs.
-Chicken Spiedini with broccoli, brown rice, and stuffed mushrooms!

"The Square Beyond Compare" 

Imo's: I ate it twice while I was home! Half of an extra large all to myself! Yum! 
I will keep trying to replicate this pizza... got the authentic cheese from my brother Dan and the sauce. Now if only I could figure out that wafer-thin crust! I'll probably have some more shipped to Las Vegas before that happens. 

Mom at The Women's Exchange
The famous Woman's Exchange Salad, half eaten. ;)
The Woman's Exchange:
I've been going here for years! My friend Cathy introduced me to this place when were kids. The organization is 128 years old!!! For more info go to  I've only ever gotten their salad. I never wanted to try anything else because it's amazing! I love visiting this tea room every time I go home.

I've been here once before, when I registered at Crate and Barrel. 

Enjoying my Mocha. 

A random coffee house in Clayton. Sometimes it's just nice to have a coffee from somewhere other than Starbucks. ;) I had a Mocha and we split a Chocolate Eclair and I had no idea how many calories were in either!

Not featured:
The Pasta House- Their salad and lasagna are to die for! 
Bread Co-I know we have Panera in Las Vegas, but it feels more authentic to eat it in STL, because it's called St. Louis Bread Company there.
Penn Station-The best subs ever. Period.

Didn't make it to Lion's Choice, Fritz's, or Culvers...maybe next time. ;)


  1. My girl sure does love her eats. ;o)

  2. Have you tried the Jiffey Pizza crust mix? It always comes out really thin for me. It should be by the pasta in the grocery store.

    Sounds like you had a great trip home!

  3. I can't believe you said Dam it lol i have never ever ever ever seen you cuss in my life that's amazing hahahah

    but i like the blog :D