Monday, September 12, 2011

Playing Catch Up! :: The Real Reason I Abandoned My Blog

So the real reason I abandoned my blog is because I've been busy piecing together my genealogy!

It's so fun, but terribly time consuming.

Why did I decide to undertake such a daunting and, at times, overwhelming project?

1. I was inspired by the TV show Who Do You Think You Are?
2. Free Trial on!
3. Found out (on Ancestry) that one of my relatives already had a wealth of information about my Opa.
4. My friend Audra also expressed interest in documenting her genealogy so we decided to do it together. We've even been giving each other weekly homework assignments!
5. No one else in my family seems interested or willing to do the work.
6. I can compile all my work into the Heritage Makers Database to create a high-quality scrapbook at the click of a mouse.
7. I only have two grandparents left, one from each side of the family. Facts are easy to collect; but to capture a life on paper you need more that facts, you need memories.
8. I want to learn more of where I came from so that I may better understand myself.
9. I've become a bit nostalgic these last couple of years. (I don't know why) I just want to preserve and relive the past as much as possible.
10.  I really needed ANOTHER hobby. (Not Really)

Check out my progress:

While working on this project I got a song stuck in my head that I haven't listened to in years. Weird!

Listen to it here:

I used this phrase in my book:

I wish my eyes could trace the years
To watch the stories I now hear
But in our words they are still alive and we have not lost anything...from there to here

This is where I'm from
And we will pass it on
So take it as it comes
Cause it belongs to me

I have a LONG way to go. I'll try to update you on my progress when it looks like I've made some. ;)

Do you know much about your ancestry? Did that knowledge change you in anyway?

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  1. Im so proud! Ancestry is so important, I need to take the time to remember to do this. Sometimes its easy to forget the past, because, well its in the past but without the past there wouldnt be any future. Love the blog!!!