Thursday, January 13, 2011

St. Louis, Here I Come!

I'm leaving bright and early tomorrow morning to visit friends and family in St. Louis! I wish Ryan could come with me. We seem to do a lot of traveling without each other. :(

On our flight to Vegas after our wedding.

I always look forward to going to the airport. I really don't mind getting there early because I get to people watch while I sip on my over-priced Starbucks. :) Flocks of people flying to a million different places for a million different reason. There's so much built up emotion you can't help but get caught up in it.

This past September I went to the airport to pick up Ryan from his trip home to St. Louis. As I waited at the crosswalk a woman in her sixties spoke to me. She was frustrated. She huffed and told me she never had to wait this long to cross the street. I nodded and mumbled in agreement. Then all of the sudden she gasped and tears welled up in her eyes. She startled me! Was something wrong? Eyes locked straight ahead she said, "I see him! There is he is! I haven't seen him in three months." Just then the gate was moved and we were allowed to cross. She ran to her husband and they embraced.

What love they had for one another! I was privileged to witness such a private moment. It made me think how, 40 years from now, I hope the love Ryan and I have will still be as bright and fresh as theirs.

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  1. You haven't even been gone a day and I miss ya like crazy! Thanks for this thoughtful post! It makes me smile while you're away. :o)