Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trip to the Lou-Part 1

View from the top... 


I <3 Southwest

Somewhere is Colorado

A sea of mountains! The only sign of civilization was a lone train track weaving under and over the snow. 

Not the best compositions, but it's the best I can  do.

I love flying. Is anyone else as amazed that something so large can lift off, stay up, and hover feet from the ground before landing?! I get so giddy during take off and hold my breath the last few seconds before landing. It never gets old. :)

I missed some great picture opportunities because I was forced to turn off my phone. The city of St. Louis was especially beautiful when I arrived... mist was rising from the Mississippi and a pale glow of yellow and pink softened the city's edge. Beautiful!

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  1. The shots over the mountains are super cool. I do love the act of flying and it never ceases to amaze me when I do it... well, when the plane does it. lol But the stress traveling causes me I can live without. It seems until I'm resting in that seat I'm moving a million miles a minute. Ha! Glad you had just a wonderful trip across the country! I love you!